LOTEMAX® Ointment has ~82% unrestricted managed care access on commercial insurance plans*

*MMIT data 2018.



Most eligible commercially insured patients pay no more than $35 co-pay

Most eligible commercially insured patients PAY NO MORE THAN $35 co-pay for 1st prescription and eligible refills. Discounted pricing is also available for eligible uninsured patients.

To help eligible patients save, visit the link below to access web coupons or contact your sales representative to provide printed coupons in-office.

Access Patient Commercial Coupon

Ensure your patients activate their coupon

ACTIVATE: To activate the print coupon, call 1-866-693-4880.

To activate the web coupon, visit www.bauschaccessprogram.com and follow the instructions.

Bausch + Lomb has aligned with Walgreens to stock product and help eligible patients redeem special prescription savings on LOTEMAX® Ointment.

Co-pay for eligible patients


If you have any questions regarding the program, please call 1-866-693-4880.

Terms and conditions apply. Please see www.bauschaccessprogram.com for eligible criteria and terms and conditions.